Workshop on ‘Creative Writing in Naga Literature’

Salesian College of Higher Education (SCHE) organized a day-long Workshop on ‘Creative Writing in Naga Literature’ on August 20. The Chairperson of Nagaland State Commission for Women, Dr. Temsula Ao and the Vice-Rector of SCHE, Fr. Sebastian Jose were the resource persons.
In her keynote address, Prof. Temsula Ao said that Naga literature includes those writings on the Nagas from the time of British colonization till date. She noted that language provides us a sense of security and through songs, myths, legends, and folktales, it is preserved. She also pointed out that every culture has a self-generating and preserving mechanism which is manifested in the art and language. To the budding writers, she invited to ask this question “What can be done for the betterment of Naga Society?” so as to facilitate forgiveness and assist in the strive towards curtailing the modern evils that have crept into our society.
Seeing the urgent need to preserve the oral tradition, tribal laws and jewels of our language, she said that every effort must be made to bring about Naga Literature. In this way, she saw that the younger generation can be connected to their roots and identity which is affected by westernization. She challenged the participants to dare to dream of the future they want to see and continue to influence the society positively. Urging the students, she said, “One cannot think of creativity as a static thing. Do not be afraid, go ahead and discover your creativity. What you do with your talent, will prove your worth.”
In his exhortation speech, Fr. Chacko, Rector of Good Shepherd Seminary, encouraged the students to begin writing, drawing inspiration from Dr. Temsula Ao, a poet, short story writer and ethnographer. He also remarked, “What you have written will remain, therefore continue to learn, write and inspire.”
In the second session, Fr. Sebastian presented a paper on “Why Write?” He said, “Writing preserves our ideas and memories for generations, so that you and your readers can reflect upon them now as well as in the future. Writing allows us to understand how in the past people lived and interacted in the society and how people live and interface in the society today.”
Earlier Dr. Policarp Xalxo, Principal of SCHE, welcomed Dr. Temsula Ao and the opening prayer was led by Fr. Thomas Karthikappallil, Rector of SCHE. About 250 staff and students participated in the event which was co-ordinated by Miss Ashuli Kaisa, HOD of English and her colleague Miss Lophro Mary along with the students of English Department of SCHE.

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