Study tour to Shillong by Dept. of Sociology

Sociology is the scientific study of the society and each society differs from one to the other and as such the department of sociology, Salesian College of Higher Education decided that the department would take a study tour to the neighboring state Shillong. One of the key reasons for choosing Shillong as the department’s destination was because of the fact that Shillong is the habitat of Khasi and Garo tribes who follow the matriarchal culture and also to visit Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Culture.

On the morning of 9th Sept 2016, 16 students from the department of sociology with their Asst.Professors Mr. Avibou Nagi and Miss Kevirienuo Angela boarded Nagaland Express at 6:00 am from Dimapur train station and set out for the study tour to Shillong. The department reached Guwahati at around 12:00 pm and after lunch boarded taxis to Shillong. The department reached Shillong in the evening of 9th Sept at around 4:00 pm where they were warmly welcomed by the staff of Don Bosco Youth Centre and Don Bosco School. After wash up the group went to visit Don Bosco Technical College and the beautiful and amusing Shillong Arch-Cathedral.

On the 10th of September the department had its breakfast at Salesian Training Centre (STC) which was provided by the very kind and generous Fr. John Matthew. After the breakfast the group proceeded to Don Bosco Museum which was the main destination of the department. Don Bosco Centre for Indigenous Culture (DBCIC), Shillong (DBCIC) is considered as one of the finest indigenous cultural centers in Asia. The museum is an exhibition of indigenous cultures thematically arranged from floor to floor in the different galleries along with excellent paintings depicting various aspects of the cultures of North East India. The presence of a very large library adjacent to the DBCIC (the Otto Hopfenmueller Library) with specialized volume on the North East renders excellent material for study and research. The department of sociology spent about 4 hours at DBCIC enriching oneself by learning new things and also about the culture and life of North East India. From DBCIC the department proceeded towards Mawshibuit and had lunch at one of the students (Br.Pyndapurra, 2nd semester SCHE) home. After the lunch the group headed for a quick tour of the famous Elephant falls and Shillong peak, and then headed to Sunny Side for tea, and after which the department headed for Guwahati and on reaching Guwahati the dinner was provided by Don Bosco provincial House. The group after the dinner headed for the train station and reached Dimapur on the morning of 11th September.

The Department of Sociology would like to thank the principal of SCHE Fr. Policarp Xalxo for supporting and giving the opportunity for the department to learn new things and enriching oneself which will not only help in the academics but also in life and our outlook towards the society. The department would also like to thank all those who have helped and blessed us in different ways.


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