Youth department of Salesian College in-charge of Diphupar Rongmei organized an awareness camp on ‘Mass Media Culture’ for the youth of that village on 27 November 2016. The sessions were animated by Br. Dominic Eddie Ralte, sdb Asst. Professor of Salesian College, Dimapur.

The programme began at 10:30 am with a lively introduction and a beautiful welcome song by the youth. Thereafter, the animator, Br. Dominic began his presentation on mass media culture. The presentation comprised of 4 important themes on media, namely- Mass Media Culture, Impact of Media on Family Life, Impact of Media on Students’ Life and Impact of Media on Relationship. With the aid of audio-visual and power-point presentations, the message to use media wisely was passed on to the 40+ participants. Br. Dominic while addressing the youth in his introductory remark said, “No one can escape the impact of media in the society today. Therefore, the question is how well we use media. The choice is upon each and every individual.” The programme lasted for more than 2 hours. Program was made lively with action songs and creative items.

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