SCHE Youth Service organises Spiritual Renewal at Lahorijan

Salesian College of Higher Education (SCHE) conducted one-day Spiritual Renewal for the youth of Lohorijan, Model Village and Khatkhati at Lohorijan on 4th Dec. 2016. The IND Vocation Promoter Fr. Sunny Minj animated the Retreat.Traditional Welcome was extended to Fr. Sunny Minj and Youth Director of SCHE Fr. Christudoss Anthony and SCHE Asst. Prof. Br. Daisinlung Sebastian Kamsuan. The program began with lighting of candles by Fr. Sunny Minj, Fr. Christudoss, Catechist, and two Youth from Model Village and Khatkhati.

Fr. Sunny gave spiritual talk while Fr. Christudoss sat for Confession and counselling. The speaker in his speech said that everyone faces problems in the family, in personal life, and in the society but one should hope for the better side in all circumstances of life. He pointed out that the Church gives us Sacraments to help us live good lives and in this retreat could look within to see how one has lived. He also exhorted everyone to seek help from Jesus in time of need for He who calmed the sea at the request of the disciples will certainly bring to rest all kinds of problems.

Before the second talk Brs. Binoy Toppo and Gregory K. sang gospel songs which kept the participants alive and alert. Then Fr. Sunny spoke on Baptism, Confession and Holy Eucharist. Speaking about Baptism he said, “It forgives all personal sins. It takes away original sin but tendency to sin still exists. It leaves an indelible sign and so it can be received only once.” He mentioned that baptism is important because we are transformed into God’s people, receive salvation and eternal life, and forgiveness. Explaining about the baptism symbol, he said that going under water symbolizes our burial into death of Christ. It also symbolizes our rising up to new life in Christ. He highlighted that to receive baptism means to share in Christ’s suffering and death, Christ’s victory and new life, to live on this earth as Jesus lived. He added, there are three types of baptism: Baptism of water, baptism of blood and baptism of desire. Those who died for the Christian faith received the baptism of blood; they are also called as martyrs. The seal of Baptism is an eternal mark on the person’s soul; this mark makes the person belong to Christ. It can never be erased. It enables the person to do God’s Will on this earth.

Speaking about the sacrament of Reconciliation he said that one’s sins is forgiven and comes closer to to the Lord. In confession, we receive the grace to remain stronger in our faith. He instructed the people not to choose or select priest for confession. Besides, he taught the people the way to make good confession.Touching upon the Holy Eucharist he said that it is the greatest sacrament. It is here that we receive the Lord with faith in the piece of Bread and wine. We derive joy and peace because we are filled with His word and Body and Blood.

After the talks, Br. Binoy Toppo gave his family testimony. His family attended retreat and began to pray regularly and blessings of God began to rain down. In fact, his father gave up drinking all together. To conclude the Spiritual Renewal, Holy Eucharist was celebrated by Fr. Sunny, concelebrated by Fr. Christudoss. The youth from the three centres saw to the singing in the mass. As a sign of remembrance of day’s event, Fr. Sunny distributed a rosary each to all participants.

In his vote of thanks, Youth Director of SCHE Fr. Anthony thanked Fr. Sunny for accepting to preach one-day Spiritual Renewal animation to the youth and for his well-prepared talks. He congratulated the brothers in-charge for the well organised programme. He also appreciated the youth and the villagers for the cooperation and interest shown in making this programme a successful one. A grand meal was served for the fathers, brothers and youth from Khatkhati and Model village, while snacks were distributed for the village youth. There were about 200 people that were present at the occasion. The whole programme were carried out under the guidance of Fr. Christudoss and coordinated by Bros. Gregory K., Benedict M., Prakash K., Adaziio J., and Binoy T.


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