SCHE Educational trip to Ahom Historic City


Salesian college of Higher Education (SCHE) organized an educational tour for its residential staff and students to Ahom Historic City, Sibsagar, Assam on 13-15 August 2016. The team consisted of six staff namely, Rector Fr. Karthikappallil Thomas, Principal of SCHE Fr. Dr. Policarp Xalxo, Vice-Principal Fr. Gyan Sandeep Kujur, Administrator Fr. Rajeesh Devasia, Asst. Professor Bro. Dominic Eddie Ralte, Asst. Professor Bro. Daisinlung Sebastian Kamsuan and fifty-seven students comprised of first, third and fifth semester students.

The major places visited were Talatal Ghar, Rang ghar and Joysagar Tank and Temples. Talatal Ghar is a palace which was initially built as an army base. It houses two secret tunnels, and three floors below ground level which were used as exit routes during the Ahom wars. It is located in Rangpur, 4 km from present-day Sibsagar, in Upper Assam. Of all Ahom ruins, it is one of the grandest examples of Tai Ahom architecture.trip-to-assam-1

The Rang Ghar was constructed by the Ahom king Swargadeo Pramatta Singha in the year 1746. The Rang ghar is located in Sibsagar town along the Assam trunk road. Rang ghar (meaning Amusement house) is an amusement amphitheater which was built by the Ahom kings of Assam. The Rang ghar is a two storey building which was used solely by the Royal family to witness various games organised in the adjoining Rupahi Pathar usually during the Rangauli Bihu celebrations. Sports events like buffalo fights are organised on these days and the Royal family could see the whole proceedings from the Rang ghar. Till today it stands magnificently.

Joysagar Tank and Temples are situated in the vicinity of Sibsagar, at Rangpur. The tank and temples, which covers about 318 acres of land, was constructed in 1697 within a span of 45 days. The temples on the banks of the tanks are Jeydol (Vishnu temple), Shiva temple, Devi Ghar and Ghanashyam (Nati Gosain) temple. Joysagar is an artificial lake built by an Ahom King in memory of his mother Joymati, from whom the name Joysagar is derived. This is one of the largest man-made lake in the country.trip-to-assam-2

Some other visited places include: Don Bosco HSS Baghchung and Rua Home (RH), ASHA/I-CARD, Don Bosco Amguri (DBA), Don Bosco Dibrugarh (DBD), Bishop’s House and St. Joseph Cathedral Dibrugarh (BH). In all these places interaction sessions were held with the inmates of the same.

SCHE placed on record the following heads of the institutions for their warm hospitality and generosity: RH Rector Fr. Palathingal Varghese, ASHA/I-CARD Rector Fr. Dr. Pathikulangra Jerry, DBA Rector Fr. Mulayinkal Thomas, DBD Rector Fr. Horo Kamil and Bishop Joseph Aind, SDB, DD.


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