The Students of Philosophy Department of Salesian College of Higher Education went to Itanagar for the educational tour from 4 to 6 November, 2016. The contingent comprised of 16 students from 3rd and 5th Semesters assisted by the Asst. Professor Bro. Dominic Ralte.

The journey began on 4th November evening from Dimapur. The students were warmly welcomed to the beautiful Arunachal hills by the sunrise on 5th early morning. The students were taken to Don Bosco College, Itanagar for lodging. They attended the holy Mass at 7:30 am which was followed by a delicious breakfast. The interaction programme with the 1st year students started at 9:40 am in the college auditorium. Rev.Fr. Nicholas, the Principal and Rector of the college welcomed everyone and gave the words of introduction. He also briefly shared his thoughts on the topic of the gathering, i.e. religion in which he stressed on the importance of philosophical studies in life. The entire programme was co-ordinated by Bro. Dominic Ralte. He began the session with an icebreaker in order to draw the attention of the students. He explained the need for the study of various religions in philosophical perspectives. He also said that “Religion is as old as the human race.” The interaction went on with students asking their doubts and offering their valuable opinions about their religious beliefs and practices. This program lasted for an hour.philo-to-itanagar-1

At 11:30 am we moved out from the college campus and visited places like Buddhist temple and Biological Park. We had our lunch at Don Bosco Youth Centre at 1:00 pm which was followed by an interaction with the students of DBYC. We ended the day with a visit to Ganga Lake which is, unlike other lakes, at the top of a hill. We returned to the college at around 5:30 pm. We finished our rosary, supper and switched off the lights at 9:30 pm. On the following day we went to the village for mass together with the people and hostellers. The holy mass was presided over by Fr. Nicholas, after which we had our breakfast in the Auxiliam convent. We interacted with the hostel students about their opinions on religion and departed to Doimuk Salesian Community. On returning to the college, we also visited the Bishop’s house. We had our lunch at.1:45pm and thanked Fr. Nicholas and his community members for all the arrangement they have made for us. On the way to the bus stand, we visited Don Bosco Higher Sec. School Community and left Itanagar after two days of enriching experiences. We reached Dimapur safely at.5:30 am on the following day.

The Department wishes to thank all those who have made this trip possible. We thank especially the Principal, Administrator and Superiors of Good Shepherd Seminary, Mazarello and Salesian College for their support and prayers.



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