Journey from being a teacher to be an Educator


To promote excellence in teaching and learning, a course on ‘how to be an effective educator’ was held exclusively for the teaching faculty of Salesian College of Higher Education (SCHE) at Institute of Development and Leadership (IDL), Dimapur on 23rd July 2016. Fr. Chittilappilly Varghese, the Rector and Director of IDL, was the resource person and nine assistant professors attended the animation.
The session consisted of two parts. In the first part, Fr. C.T. Varghese dealt on ‘being an effective educator.’ In the context of teaching life, he said, ‘There is one journey to be made in life, that is, from being a teacher to be an educator.’ Further he mentioned that an educator is one who gives intellectual, moral and social instruction. In the second session, he focused on the ‘qualities of an effective educator’: Ability to get along with all kinds of people, developing a caring attitude, learning to know the students, personal contact and encouragement, student-centred learning, courage to forgive, appreciation and attention. In the end he remarked, ‘At the heart of education is love for students and human relationship becomes an important aspect of our education.’
All the participants namely, Miss Ashuli Kaisa, Miss Lophro Mary, Mrs. Gloria Kamei, Miss Rosalia Luduanliu, Miss Lomi Sema, Miss Kevirienuo Angela, Mr. Avibou Nagi, Mr. Dominic Khanyo and Br. Daisinlung Sebastian Kamsuan, expressed their satisfaction over the well-presented multimedia inputs on being an efficient educator.

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