Hepatitis? Know it, Confront it

Salesain College of Higher Education (SCHE), Dimapur organized an awareness programme on Hepatitis on 1st August 2016. Mr. Sanjay Pandit, Scientific Business Manager of Cipla company Ltd., was the resource person and he was assisted by Mr. Shantanu Borha.In his multi-media presentation on Hepatitis, Sanjay said that it is an inflammation of liver caused by viral infection, through certain toxins, drugs, some diseases, excessive alcoholintake, and bacteria. Further he highlighted the five main types of hepatitis viruses: A, B, C,D and E. Types B and C have led to chronic disease among millions of people.

They spread through blood, semen, vaginal fluids and other body fluids. Some of the symptoms are as follows: tiredness, muscle pain, upset stomach, fever, loss of appetite, diarrhea, dark-yellow urine and jaundice. In his take home message, he exhorted the participants to consult the doctors and take precautions from Hepatitis Virus. After the short interaction, Dr. Fr. Policarp Xalxo, the Principal of SCHE, thanked there source person and his assistant, and exhorted all the students to sensitize the people about the urgent need for increased Hepatitis C awareness, prevention, treatment and care. About 200 students and faculty of SCHE attended the programme.

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