Youth Meet 2018

Youth meet 2018 was held at Salesian College, Dimapur, on November 11. The theme is on “YOUTH! ARISE AND SHINE”. The programme began with the inaugural ceremony. After the inaugural function, there was the celebration of the Holy Eucharist and the animation in groups of English, Hindi and Rongmei by the residential students. Around 650 youths participated in the programme. The holy mas was presided over by Reverend Fr. C. Joseph, the Counsellor of St. Joseph’s College, Jakhama. In his homily, he proposed to the youth to be givers of themselves, their time and talents to the society like Jesus.

The Chief Guest for the occasion was Mudang Tacho, Senior Depot Manager, Indian Oil Corporation, Dimapur. In his talk, he encouraged the youth “to shine and dispel the darkness around them and be useful to the society.” The Guest of honour was Rev. Fr. C Joseph. He too exhorted the youth “to be lights showing the path to everyone.” He encouraged them “to put God first and fear God.” The programme was interspersed with the cultural and prayer dances from different youth centers all over Dimapur.

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