The college demands 80% attendance in each subject per academic session. 5% relaxation in case of sickness and casual leave may be allowed. Students having less than required percentage of attendance will be barred from the Selection/University examinations. Any absence from regular classes will require a letter from the guardian/parent stating reasons for absenteeism. Any student who has been continuously absent from classes for one month without the prior permission of the Principal will have his / her name removed from the college register. Attendance on the first day of the academic session or resumption of class is compulsory. Absenteeism on the first day of the class will invite fine.

Dress Code

Uniform is the Salesian College T. Shirt with Logo imprinted on it and Black formal trousers. The uniform is compulsory and the students are expected to wear on every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday and other important days as and when notified. The student will be fined for attending class without uniform. On Wednesdays and Saturdays, students are to wear formal shirt or T. Shirt and trousers. Regarding the foot wares Black or Brown Shoes or Sandals. Hair is to be groomed properly. Students with coloured hair will be sent back home and non-compliance with dress code will invite disciplinary action. Tattoos of all kinds are strictly not allowed. In winter students are to wear black coat or blazer.


The college conducts assembly on two days as part of inculcating discipline, moral and ethical behavior. Students have to attend assembly without fail; motivational talks and information is passed on during this time.

Substance Abuse

Salesian College of Higher Education is a Tobacco Free campus. Use of substances such as tobacco, alcohol, drugs, cigarettes or any other tobacco product is strictly prohibited. Students are requested to avoid it as plague since they destroy persons and families. Indulgence in such habits will render a student liable to expulsion immediately and without warning.

Cell Phones

Use of Cell phones in the campus is not permitted. They obstruct learning. It is recommended that Cell phones be switched off. Tablets and Laptops are allowed in library and specified areas to access E-learning materials.


The college is committed to enhance dignity of persons. Ragging and eve-teasing in any form is not acceptable to the institution. The college has an anti-ragging cell to deal with such grievances.

General Disciplinary Norms

  • Students are admitted on the clear understanding that they will observe the rules of the college. They are expected to be courteous and considerate towards others and maintain a high standard of behavior.
  • The college property (buildings, furniture, equipments etc.) is to be treated with care. Anyone causing damage or destroying the same will be pass to fines and suitable replacement of the damaged or destroyed items.
  • Disregard for disciplinary rules, sexual immorality, stealing, violence, threat to staff and students, political activism, lack of cooperation with the staff and managing authority, unruly behavior and disturbance of the college atmosphere will be considered sufficient ground to expel a student or refuse readmission to the college. In the event of undisciplined acts the disciplinary committee will decide suitable course of action.
  • Other General Norms and Guidelines of the college are given in the Handbook and Calendar. The students are expected to read carefully and follow the guidelines.

NB: The college authorities are in no way responsible for any indiscipline/ misbehavior of students outside the college campus.

Student Forum

Salesian College of Higher Education is a Don Bosco institution which believes in Family Spirit. It strives to ensure cordial relationship between students and faculty. No forms of student unions or political associations are allowed. To receive feedback and address grievances, the college has formed student council from among the representatives of the courses.

General Time Table

The general class time table of the college is from 08.15 am to 2 pm. However classes or programs may be conducted even after 2 pm when there is a need. College office remains open up to 3 pm. Visitors are allowed to meet the Principal from 9 am to 1 pm only. Though the Second and Fourth Saturdays are off days classes or program may be held if need arises.