Rongmei Faith Fest Held at st. Paul’s Church, Burma Camp, Dimapur

On 24 June, 2018, The Rongmei Faith Fest was held. The day’s event began with the Holy Mass presided over by Rev. Fr. Nicholas, the Vice-Principal of Bosco B. Ed College, Dimapur. In the homily, the celebrant spoke of God’s love being our strength. He further stressed if we rely on God we can spread our strength to others. He called on all to love God fully and sincerely. After the mass, there was breakfast at 09.00 a.m.

The programme began around 09.45 a.m. The highlights of the programme were solo competition, dance competition, debate. There was an overwhelming participation. The overall champion was Burma camp. The debate proved very interesting. They debated on two topics: ‘we are away from God because of parents and we are away from God because of youth’. The moderator was Fr. Nicholas. He stressed that both have to play their role to bring the youth close to God. Then Lunch was served around 12.30 p.m. Then there was a session in the afternoon  around 1.45 p.m. It was on the formation of Rongmei Catholic Youth Dimapur. There was the election of leaders. President: Namjaigai Rongmei, Secretary: Kaniam Esther, Vice- President Gary Kamei, Information Secretray Dichamthon Gangmei and three Executive members Gaidinlung Norbet, Sangailiu Salina Kamei and Genevie Pamei. Fr. Nicholas Prayed over them and empowered them to carry out their functions effectively. All through the programme, the parents were present. They looked after the food and the serving. The entire function came to halt at 03.45 p.m.

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