‘MEDIA AND YOUTH’ at Zeliangrong Village Dimapur

A seminar on “Youth and Media” was held in Precincts of St. Francis of Assisi Church, Zeliangrong Village on 5th March 2017. The Chief resource person for the seminar was Br. Dominic from Salesian College of Higher Education, Dimapur. The duration of the seminar was from 2.00 p.m. to 3. 20 p.m. The participants were Cl. XI – B. A. students of Zeliangrong Youth centre oratory. They were 15 in number. Besides the resource person, there were Sir. David, the village Elder and the Youth President Ms. Veronica present. The ingredients of Seminar were:
1.Youth and Family Relationship
2. Personal Relationship with Others
3. Media and its education
4. Awareness on the impact of Media: its PROS & CONS
The session was presented through the aid of Power-point slides, theme-based songs and prayer songs.
The reaction of the participants could be summed up through their joyfulness and gratefulness through the handshake with the resource person. They expressed that the session was useful and relevant.

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