A seminar on ‘Catholic Family Life’ is Organized in Lahorijan, Assam

On 17 June, 2018, a seminar on ‘ Catholic Family Life’ is organized in Lahorijan, Assam. Around 150 people participated in it. The chief resource person was Fr. Jonas K. It started around 09.20 with the welcome speech by Br. Binoy.

First session was on the importance of education and encouraged the parents to send their children for Education.Second session was by Catechist John Tirkey on Family rooted on prayer and be united.Third session was by a lay leader Benjamin who spoke (about Healing from TB due) about prayer life. He exhorted that people should love God above all things. Fourth session was by Angeline Kerketta. It centered on children’s participation in family’s decision making. Further, Parents should correct their children with love not with fear. Fifth session was by Fr. Jonas, about the importance of saving money health and education purposes. He further advised that only when they have 10 thousand rupees in their bank account they should get married otherwise, it is difficult.
By 12.15 p.m. holy mas began. The homily stressed that Jesus was born in a family. As God he had different options. He further stressed that though Mamma Margaret was uneducated she instructed st. John Bosco and made him rich in spirituality and intellectual formation. In the meantime, Fr. Parish Priest Lesly Louis visited the center and thanked Fr. Jonas for his animation. At last all the animators were felicitated with dance and songs. The Seminar ended with a prayer to Mother Mary.

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